Oct 2011

elderly monitoring system

dallas alarm companiesA. , Van Meter, C. W. 2000. Chapter 8: security-systems-ge.html">Crime and the threat environment. Principles of security and crime prevention, 4th ed.

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Oct 2011

monitoring systems for seniors

home alarm systemAs home automation becomes a bigger part of many people’s lives, home security providers are updating their equipment to fulfill the demand. The Nest Secure and Vivint’s Smart Hub, for example, not only function as the brains of your security system, but also as hubs for home automation. Most home security companies also offer smart devices — like locks, garage doors, and doorbell cameras — that pair with their systems and can be managed through their apps. And if your security system doesn’t operate as a smart hub, you may sync with third party smart hubs that let you manage both security and non security related devices on a single platform. Many surveillance cameras and audio bugs emit radio waves and can be identified by a standard RF radio frequency detection device. Conduct a “sweep” of your home with your bug detector.

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